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CLI support the team with mental health training to help support our clients and their own wellbeing.

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing the skills of our people so they can better help those we support and look after their own wellbeing too, we recently invited Ben Michael of Clearwing Cultures to run a mental health focused session for our Northern team.

The training gave the team an insight into a real-life story and the things that happened to bring about a mental breakdown. Through a blend of experience, and learnt techniques, Ben outlined ways those attending could help protect their own mental wellbeing from the things that life can throw at you, as well as how to help protect and support those around them.

The content also focused on the impact mental health challenges can create for both an individual’s performance at work and the wider business, and why the leaders in an organisation need to ensure care is taken to protect the people within it. 

The course draws on Ben’s own experience of mental illness, from both a personal perspective and as a senior leader in an organisation.

As Ben commented, “With the course, I wanted to share my experience for one real reason – to give anyone suffering the help needed that I didn’t have, be it on a personal level, or part of a leadership team.”

Feedback from our CLI attendees has been very positive with the team planning on using the mental health techniques learnt both personally and in their professional practice.  We look forward to welcoming Ben back to CLI.

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