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At CLI we recognise how vital it is for people to grow, to thrive, to be happy.

And we know from our experience that change is only sustainable if those we support flourish in their new lives.

That’s why for us, flourish is not only about the person but also their community, their family, their support group.

We help those we support:

  • set out their visions for their future and ensure these are realistic and accessible to reduce the chance of disappointment or relapse
  • have the self-belief that they can achieve this future, to see how they can create the opportunity to flourish and thrive
  • develop a sense of pride in their achievements, no matter how small these may seem sometimes
  • understand that they have agency and can develop their sense of control, the capacity to influence their own thoughts and behaviour, and the ability to handle a wide range of tasks, situations and life’s challenges
  • build positive, mutually supportive relationships with those closest to them
  • to see how they can make a positive contribution to their community.

We support them into education, employment, volunteering – to move their lives forward and fulfil their potential and their ambitions.

And with the CLI GROW trainee scheme, we provide the opportunity to use their lived experience to support and inspire others as they seek to transform and flourish.

“I’ve come such a long way since coming to CLI and have nearly gone full circle, starting out as a  service user and with time I felt confident enough to complete training to become a group volunteer,  I can honestly say this is the best thing that I have done in my life in a long time.”

 – Jason, CLI, Bedford

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Volunteer with us

Become a Mentor with CLI and make a real difference to someones future. Our volunteers are the driving force for helping people to turn their lives around.

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