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Central to CLI’s success is our ability to recruit and develop motivated and passionate staff and volunteers.

We encourage those within the team to use their experience positively, improve upon their own self-confidence and provide opportunities; applying a ‘recruit from within’ policy and supporting team members to access further education and qualification opportunities.

1 New Volunteers
Were trained and supported into mentoring relationships last year

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Volunteering with CLI

CLI operate across England and currently have volunteering opportunities in Greater Manchester, Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire.

Our volunteer mentors offer a minimum of 2-4 hours a week to support people to set and achieve personal goals.

We provide three days of interactive and informative training to all successful applicants, followed by a suitability discussion and then pairing meeting involving a coordinator and potential mentee. 

We encourage people from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, and we actively welcome volunteers with lived experience of all the needs we provide support for.

We face a diverse range of issues in our community and seek diverse individuals to work with us to address them.

In addition to a positive attitude and non-judgemental approach, we recruit outgoing volunteers who are resilient and are prepared to invest time, commitment and energy to help clients to create lasting change in their lives.

Our volunteers are the driving force for helping people to turn their lives around.


Read our most recent Volunteer Newsletter, each issue explores the fantastic work of our current volunteers are doing to support people into their community and help change their lives. 

“My experience at CLI was a huge help in securing my current full time job. During my time, I developed many different skills from; learning to communicate with adults, and vulnerable adults, which helped me to relate to many different scenarios given to me during the interview for my current role. I also gained the confidence to speak in front of others at CLI and I was really made to feel a part of a strong working team, whereby everybody supported each other”

- Sarah Stewart, Volunteer

“During my interview for what is now my job at a bank, they showed great interest in my role as a mentor with CLI. My experiences at CLI helped with competency based questions, as I was able to use different mentoring scenarios to show my ability to perform well in the role. The bank was also very impressed I gave up my free time during my final year of university to volunteer. As a result, I believe this most definitely played a part in me being successful with my application and getting the job.”

- Jason Metcalfe, Volunteer

How to Apply!

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CLI treat all their volunteers in the exact same way as any other staff member, and I’ve always felt respected as part of the team. Mentoring and the support I’ve received from everyone at CLI has helped my self-confidence grow massively as the good work I have done has always been highlighted, helping me to see my own value and abilities.

 – Maddie, Peer Mentor



Please contact us if you would like to work with us, either as a volunteer or a like minded