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Success for both Mentor and Mentee!

Jess, a Volunteer Mentor for CLI’s IOM project based in Manchester, kindly shares the success story of her mentee and the confidence being a Mentor has given her. This is a great insight into how this type of relationship has mutual benefits, but above all how they help transform the lives of those who need it most.

When Jess first began supporting her mentee, he was struggling to stabilise a living situation and stop drinking. With her guidance things started to fall into place.

“My mentee relied heavily on the support of CLI..”

“We have been working together for almost 9 months and he has undergone a massive transition within his life. When I first met him he was drinking spirits almost every day, violent towards police officers and sometimes the public. He was in and out of prison.

My mentee relied heavily on the support of CLI to begin with. In February, he was released from prison and that very same day we got him accommodation, Mental Health and Alcohol service and benefits sorted. 

Although, around two weeks later, he was drinking again and unfortunately lost his accommodation.”

“He and I have achieved so much in these 9 months…”

Mentoring relationships are rarely linear, but having the support of a Volunteer can be encouraging during times of challenge. Mentors can help their mentee’s manage relapses and access the necessary support/treatement to get back on track!

“Since his relapse, my mentee has been on the rise despite his constant struggle with alcoholism and Mental Health.”

“My experience with CLI has been good, and positive. It made me recognise that even though I messed things up, that it wasn’t the end of the world and I could/can re-build my life again.” – Jess’s Mentee

“Fast-forward to July, he now has his own flat, has a handle of his drinking habits, does everything for himself with little support from me, and is overall a happier and more stable person.

He and I have achieved so much together in these 9 months. Throughout our work together, CLI has always been there, from other volunteers helping me fill out referral forms, to staff being on call if my mentee had a particularly bad relapse.

My mentee and I have been supported throughout the whole journey, which I believe is one of the reasons for our success together and as individuals.”

Right, Jess and her mentee meeting up recently following lockdown.

“Mentoring has supported me massively, if it wasn’t for the support from Jess and Becky I wouldn’t have got things done. I wouldn’t have realised people care. I can now see the potential I have, and even on my bad days when I can be a nightmare.” – Jess’s Mentee

“I’m constantly looking for new challenges…”

“As a graduate of Forensic Psychology,  I’m constantly looking for challenges and how I can gain real life and and practical experience. CLI was absolutely perfect for me, so I got in contact about volunteering.

I have gained confidence in reaching out to professionals, talking on the phone, and interacting with different types of people.

I’ve become a stronger person because of CLI. I am currently supporting 3 mentee’s, which has encouraged me to manage my time and adapt to stress (with support), this has been very important to my development. 

CLI’s IOM Project

On the IOM (Intergrated Offender Management) project the aim is to give people the support they need, whether motivational, practical or emotional, to re-integrate back into society. Mentoring gives people the opportunity to engage with a supportive relationship alongside statutory provision.

“My role as a mentor is to support my mentee’s and have contact with partner agencies such as probation and spotlight.

Other ways is through filling out referral forms, helping with benefits and accommodation, and most importantly offering emotional support and socialisation.”

The team at CLI are excited for both Jess and her mentee for the future. These two success stories highlight perfectly what we aim and hope for with the service we provide.

Congratulations both, excellent work!

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