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Alix Davies

Team Leader (Wigan & Leigh)

My role as Team Leader is to support our amazing Peer Mentors on the Changing Futures project across Wigan and Leigh. Changing Futures works in partnership with local and national organisations to improve the lives of adults experiencing multiple disadvantages.

Prior to joining CLI in 2023 I was practising as a Child Protection Social Worker. Realising that much of my work was around creating change in adults and being confined by statutory pressures I wanted a change. CLI seemed like the perfect fit, aligning with my values and I started as a Volunteer Coordinator as part of Manchester Changing Futures. I was then given the opportunity to expand my experiences in Wigan and Leigh.

The aspect I enjoy most about my role is our value of putting people first whilst working with their motivation to change. We gently guide a person to make small changes towards their goals which are more meaningful to them and therefore more likely to be sustainable. CLI recognise the multiple barriers that people we support could face, and help navigate systems in their way. CLI trusts us to be creative in achieving change and transformation which filters down to the people we support.

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