Our Values

We have developed a set of values that run through everything we do, from the way we provide
support, to who we recruit and how we grow and develop:


“John’s” experience of CLI mentoring, in his own words,

“You are helpful, for me, people caring about what I do makes me care more about what I do. 

You are 100% reliable to my 50% reliable.  Anything you say your going to do it gets done. I need to feel as though I can benefit from a situation to be able to engage with it and I have with CLI. 

CLI have supported me with stability – you make something happen. It’s helped me to learn how to do things differently and break down barriers. You understand me, and I can talk about whatever I want, I have learnt how to defuse situations better than before. I see it as something to look forward to each week or every two weeks, even if it’s just having a coffee, I am bored a lot of the time and this is something to focus on.  

Discussion about things that are important to me, talking things through makes me feel understood and there isn’t any of that happening at home or with my family.

Now I feel less negative, things don’t work out for me usually, but I have found ways to pick myself up and deal with it, then look at other options. This time out is 100% different to every other time because I’ve been out over 10months now. I know I can do it, but the only thing I feel I am missing is a job. 

I see my future the right way, because the way I’ve been thinking is the right way all the other times is not. I’ve been arrogant in the past thinking I can do what I want but I don’t need to anymore. I will carry on being legit. I am exploring more work options and I have opened my mind to other jobs, jobs I wouldn’t have looked at before, but I am past caring now, a job is a job. I’ll do anything at this point to get me to where I need to be.”



Please contact us if you would like to work with us, either as a volunteer or a like minded