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Story A

Story B

My son started drinking heavily after a breakdown in his relationship. I wasn’t aware how bad it was until it carried over into a new relationship. I realised he had become an alcoholic when he couldn’t cope without a drink, became irrational and very emotional. He eventually had a breakdown and I realised he needed professional help and arranged counselling for him. Attached to his counselling was a support group for families which I joined. Unfortunately the counselling didn’t work for him  but he joined AA and through their mentoring grew strong enough to stop drinking.

During this time the family group became DAFS. DAFS is amazing through their support, knowledge and love I became stronger and more able to cope. I was not alone anymore as everyone had a life experience with addiction of a loved one.

Fortunately with the help of AA and family support my son turned his life around and he hasn’t touched a drink for nearly two years. I’m a very proud mum. I stayed on with DAFS and now help with research, meetings with outside bodies to promote awareness of this wonderful group throughout Milton Keynes.

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