Supporting Loved Ones Affected by Addiction

DAFS are a group of people who ‘get it’, and support one another through honest discussion.

A very warm welcome to DAFS. 

We are caring group of people who understand, and have experience of the difficulties you face as the parent, partner or sibling of a loved one in active addiction. We recognise how difficult it is to take that first step in joining a group like this. It requires a certain level of acceptance of our situation, which is often very painful.

This is a safe place, where you are able to meet and listen to others experiencing something similar. We’re not professionals, counsellors or therapists, however we are able to invite you to share freely your thoughts and feelings amongst others who ‘get it’. We do not judge each other but rather encourage kindness, empathy, honesty, respect and above all, trust.

Hopefully you will feel a sense of belonging here, and realise that you are not alone in this.

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DAFS Stories

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Story B

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“Finding the group and others in a similar situation has given me the strength I need to live life in a positive way, thank you.” 

– DAFS Member


It's Not Your Fault

The support we offer is a chance to share experiences/fears/hope with other people who are going through the same trauma. 

Anonymity and confidentiality are key requirements, everything said at our meetings must stay within the group to protect all attendees. The most important thing for us, is that you can feel supported and a part of the group.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where on your journey you are. Addiction does not discriminate between age, gender, religious belief, class, background or race. Addiction is everywhere, and sadly touches all kinds of people. The addict is not the only one that suffers. The ripple effects of addiction are great and can be difficult for those around them.

We understand that with addiction comes shame, guilt, isolation but it is important to learn and accept that it is not our fault!

This is not a fix-it group, but we understand the roller coaster of emotions that you are experiencing. We can help family members to realise that we didn’t CAUSE the addiction, we cannot CONTROL it and sadly we cannot CURE it.

When Do We Meet?

DAFS hold weekly meetings whereby anyone can receive confidential and non-judgemental advice.

Meetings are held at a range of locations across Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. 

Times vary. For more details please contact us below. 

*Please note attendance is by prior arrangement. 

Contact Us Today

Call Val or Lynn on: 07598346244 or 07874849659


DAFS Directory

We wanted to create a ‘one-stop-shop’ of resources and contacts for those seeking support.

We will update this document periodically as we discover new pathways. Please click the button below.

“Come along to group and they will help you build your strength. Take it in your own time, only you will know the right time to open up. But rest assured when you are ready, these lovely people will be there to hold you up.” –  DAFS Member


online support

We offer a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment for you to post comments, ask for supportive suggestions or just to share experiences with other people who are going through similar situations.