Robert Muirhead

Robert has vast knowledge and experience working as a business professional in both the private and public sector, delivering business development programs, co-ordinating the resources of organisations and reconciling the often conflicting expectations of very different stakeholders – all of which he brings to support the business development of CLI.

He has worked at both boardroom and operational levels and has the great ability to set strategic focus, translating innovative and inventive thinking into real competitive advantage and added value. His wide ranging skills include hands-on experience of asset and profit accountability, ERDF (European Regional Development Funding) project management, developing innovative cost effective selling strategies and delivering high value projects including business relocation.

As an MBA with SFEDI (Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative) and Membership of the Institute of Consulting (IC), he has extensive experience in many industry sectors from engineering to media and digital and working with multi-national corporate to SME’s to support the development and implementation of innovative products, services and management structures, ensuring sustainable positioning in an increasingly competitive world.